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Fitzgeralds wandering Down Under

October 19, 2009

One of my family names, on my father’s side, is Fitzgerald. Family lore I heard as a child spoke of 3 Fitzgerald brothers, 2 of whom wandered away Down Under, one to Australia, and the other to New Zealand. Contact was re-established with the Oz branch in the 1980s by my father and me, but no one’s ever known what happened with the Kiwi branch.

Ironically, I know way more details about the Australian brother, thanks to his descendants’ careful research and record-keeping, than I do about my own great-grandfather.

I’d posted an inquiry about the Kiwi Fitzgeralds to a genealogy forum many years ago. Just yesterday, I ran across a response to that inquiry by someone else who’d tried to email me, but it bounced back (in 2002). I sent him a response, and he replied this morning! I sent him back everything I know, names and dates and all that.

How lovely to contemplate knowing more, after being “lost” for a hundred years!

Update: The other researcher and I have established that his Fitzgerald cousin cannot be the one I “lost”.  However, surely all Fitzgeralds are related somehow or another, so I will persist in thinking of him and his family as distant cousins of unknown connection to my branch.


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